Parque Duraznos

Parque Duraznos was the first lifestyle mall in the country. It is located in one of the most prominent neighborhoods in the city, which blends an exclusive modern design with entertainment and... Read more

Parque Delta

Parque Delta was built in the terrains of an old baseball field, located in a solid medium-class zone. Being the first shopping centre that combines a department store and a supermarket.... Read more

Parque Lindavista

It comprises two opposite plots and the public way in between them. In order to keep the continuance of both the underground parking space and the commercial track, the shopping center obtained from... Read more

Parque Tezontle

Parque Tezontle is aimed to become the most modern shopping and entertainment centre in the east zone of Mexico City, complying with the demands of the commercial and socio-economical... Read more