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Parque Duraznos was the first lifestyle mall in the country. It is located in one of the most prominent neighborhoods in the city, which blends an exclusive modern design with entertainment and a variety of restaurants in a medium-size complex.

Parque Duraznos was soon considered a reference for the real estate industry and it was then followed by many other similar developments.

Parque Duraznos opening reinforced the interest of many companies to move to DURAZNOS-CIRUELOS corridor, in the west part of the city.

Designed by ARQUITECH, a prestigious architecture studio specialized on high quality shopping centers, Parque Duraznos received the CEMEX Designing award in 2009.

It got a mayor renewal in 2010 that included an enhancement in the leasing area and its inhabitants restructuring


Bosques de Duraznos nº 39
Col. Bosques de las Lomas
Del. Miguel Hidalgo
México, D.F.

Land area

8,000 m2

Constructed surface

60,000 m2

Cost area 15,375m2
Project description

It has 4 levels in which CINEMARK movie theaters, restaurants, business premises and     squares are distributed.


969 parking spaces.