Mixed Use

alameda portada articulo


For years, Grupo Danhos has kept a close relationship with the city’s local authorities. As a result, Grupo Danhos was invited to be part of the city’s effort to revitalize the Historic City Center.

The outcome was Parque Alameda, a small mixed-use complex which includes a shopping center and a quite successful hotel. The surrounding area, abandoned for more than four decades, has experienced improvements, with the addition of a five-stars hotel, convention centers, office buildings -including the new Foreign Affairs Ministry building-, a new museum and the restoration of the park within La Alameda and Juarez Avenue,

Av. Juárez Noº 76 esquina Balderas
Col. Centro
Del. Cuauhtémoc
México, D.F.
Land area

3,173 m2

Constructed area

30,000 m2

Area available for leasing

15,700 m2

Project description This architectural project, approved by the National Institute of Anthropology and History, recreates the traditional commercial hallways of the Historic City Centre, by joining two avenues with great influx of people.

Four levels lodge the Fiesta Inn Hotel, with 140 rooms.

This building comprises 6 stories and 4 parking basements, and a shopping area with 23 business premises, including stores like Ivone and restaurants such as Italianni’s, and Sushi Itto.

308 parking spaces

Start 2003