Parque Esmeralda


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Parque Esmeralda was conceived as the first office campus in Mexico City. It was as well the first big real estate option along south Insurgentes Avenue, the longest offices corridor.

This location attracted those habitants who wanted to live in the south of the city but couldn´t find high quality spaces. In the following years it has become one of the most important corridors in the city. It set a trend, started by Parque Esmeralda, which turned an old paper factory, property of Grupo CARSO, into offices and stores.

Av. Insurgentes sur Nº 3579 esquina Camino Santa Teresa
Col. La Joya
Del. Tlalpan
México, D.F.

Land area   30,000 m2
Constructed area   95,000 m2
Space available for lease   34,057 m2
Project description    
  A corporate building with three geometrical towers-10 level each. It has sidewalks, squares, water mirrors and green areas. Each tower works independently due to its nuclear services center which also emphasizes the versatility of this design.
Common areas   Open areas, squares and gardens, along with     high-speed     elevators, cistern with water treatment system.
Services   Smart building with emergency power plants, advanced fire protection systems and fiber     optic phone line.
Parking   1,636 parking spaces
Start   2000